WCRB "Classical Cartoon Festival" 2006

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APRIL 2006 - Kids create a Mural with SIDEWALK SAM for the 8th annual WCRB “Classical Cartoon Festival” at Boston Symphony Hall.

Hundreds of families took part in a fabulous celebration of Music and Art at Symphony Hall and shared their creative spirit in a 35-foot long mural with Sidewalk Sam. Participants made their own cartoon images, which were attached to a Mural of a ‘Spring Rainbow of Celebration.’

Sidewalk Sam says, “I am such a fan of WCRB and the service they provide to Boston. A classical radio station that provides an educational element for children and a wide range of music for adult listeners is a real asset to the cultural environment in our city. The children and parents that participated in the Mural were creative and expressive about music and art. What a great way to celebrate together!”



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