Environmental Flag of Newton

The Environmental Flag of Newton was created by Sidewalk Sam and over 360 Newton families. Residents participating in the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days took time, while dropping off their waste products at the Recycling Depot, to make their own positive statement about Newton, the environment, and a healthy planet. Children and adults all got to add their own piece to the Flag.

All the individual artworks and statements were gathered by public artist Sidewalk Sam and designed into a large flag that celebrates Newton's commitment to the environment. Whole Foods Market in Newtonville was pleased to display the banner in a prominent place in the store.

The Environmental Flag was created in cooperation with the City of Newton, Department of Public Works, the Household Hazardous Waste Committee and sponsored by Clean Harbors Environmental Services. Flyers announcing the new schedule for hazardous waste collections were distributed while the Flag was on display.

Sidewalk Sam said, "The people of Newton are interested in healthy environmental practices and the quality of life in Newton. I thank the hundreds of Newton families that contributed their thoughts and artworks to the mural. I applaud their dedication to the environment and the positive values being passed on to the children in Newton."


Sidewalk Sam, Terry Weber, Community Affairs Director and assistant store manager Nadine Ngaleu join Sidewalk Sam for the unveiling of the Environmental Flag at the Newtonville Whole Foods Market.

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