There is a broad and inspiring range of Arts and Crafts related projects provided by ArtStreet and Sidewalk Sam.  ArtStreets projects include hosting craft shows through out Boston, offering fine art exhibitions in alternative spaces, initiating art classes in the work place, after school projects, and much more. 

ArtStreet’s “Handcrafts by the People” gives those who may have no other opportunity a chance to show and sell their crafts in high traffic venues.  These people include the elderly, homeless, incarcerated and other minorities.  By affording these people the chance to show and sell their work, not only does it put money in their pockets but it also gives them a feeling of achievement and recognition.

Whether you are creative - or would like to learn to be – or you simply have an interest in helping your community by bringing arts and crafts to places they can brighten and lift the lives of others, then we would love to have you help out at art events, help people make crafts, or even create your own products to be sold to raise money for good causes.


Art Street, Inc. 83 Church Street, Newton, MA, 02458 phone: 617.244.3171 fax: 617.244.3172
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