Invite neighborhood children & their friends to create a permanent public artwork in your community.

The Children’s Community Art Monument provides a unique opportunity for children to build a lasting testament to spirit and creativity in your hometown. Most communities have memorials to wars and historic figures, but how many have a powerful symbol of hope for the future - especially one created by the children of the community?

Children across the community are gathered together to create the Children's Community Monument. The children, under the supervision of Art Street artists, create their own artwork in a 12" x 12" square of colored concrete. When the red yellow and blue concrete squares dry, our artists and masons set them permanently in a giant quilt pattern in a location in the heart of the community – a school, a park, a library or town hall. Art Street coordinates the entire process, from preliminary meetings to ribbon cutting.

"It is important that communities declare our hopes for our communities and each other," says Sidewalk Sam. "Who can do this better than children?"


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