Chalk One Up
For The Arts

Boston's festival of spirit and creativity
in four downtown locations!

Each year, Boston's beloved folk artist SIDEWALK SAM hosts a lively lunch hour festival for companies, non-profit groups and agencies called "Chalk One Up for the Arts." It's a chance to show off your Company Spirit on sidewalks all over Boston.

In the third week of August, hundreds of companies and thousands of employees take a lunch break, join throngs of people outside, crouch down on the ground and create chalk drawings on the sidewalk that show their company spirit.

CEOs, lawyers, accountants, bankers, government workers, secretaries and interns from companies throughout Boston draw on the sidewalk along with Boston cultural nonprofits, children's groups and neighborhood organizations. Everyone joins in to show their spirit together and express their pride in Boston's rich cultural diversity. The results are astonishing!

Companies throughout Boston participate - you don't have to be an artist to show your spirit! People are applauded for doodling a heart, an apple, a sun up in the sky, their company name - or stick figures (people that draw like a child get the most applause). Co-workers enjoy it when someone in their company draws. Tens of thousands of pedestrians walk by and see the artworks - and thank participating companies for their show of spirit. No wonder companies like to draw!

Companies that are unable to draw have nonprofit organizations, schools and neighborhood groups appointed to draw for them.

We think Boston will look its best when your company shows its spirit, too! So, please join in the fun, invite your employees to draw and be part of a creative lunch-hour festival that celebrates company spirit and the marvelous creative diversity that defines Boston.


"Chalk One Up" - Show Your Company Spirit!
The City of Boston gives participating companies squares of sidewalk with their corporate name on each square. ArtStreet provides wonderful boxes of professional colored chalks so everyone can create a beautiful drawing. Musicians, poets and entertainers add a festival atmosphere throughout the lunch hour. In 2004, over 130,000 people attended the festivities.

Companies send out individuals, or teams of employees to chalk on the sidewalk. Often different departments, or groups of employees in a company have a friendly competition. Companies that can't draw ask to have neighborhood groups, nonprofit organizations or school children draw pictures for them. Companies can also invite nonprofit groups that they support throughout the year to create chalk drawings right alongside their own employees. Companies are pre-registered for their chalk drawings and their donations help support Art Street's community arts programs during the entire year.

Pedestrians are invited to vote on their favorite artworks by placing gold stickers on the chalk drawings they like the best. Artworks that inspire the most votes earn prize ribbons and recognition.

The "Get to Know Boston Arts" Expo
A special feature of the Festival is the "Get to Know Boston Arts" Expo at City Hall Plaza on August 17. Over 50 of Boston's leading cultural organizations participate in the Expo - the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Ford Hall Forum and the Boston Writers' Room are just a few of the cultural groups that participate. It is a great chance for companies to let their employees meet arts organizations large and small and see what they offer.

A "PASSPORT to the ARTS" for children
A variety of arts and educational activities for youths are presented at COPLEY SQUARE and GOVERNMENT CENTER locations. From music workshops, dance and movement demonstrations, to poetry, calligraphy and storytelling with ASL interpretations, the PASSPORT provides children with a wide opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of Boston. Large groups are asked to pre-register.

Chalk One Up for Boston is managed by the 501c3 nonprofit organization, ArtStreet. ArtStreet, led by the famous public artist Sidewalk Sam, is an organization of artists, musicians, dancers, actors and business people who have joined together with companies and everyone who loves the arts and cultural diversity to bring artistic expression and good spirit into the daily life of cities.
Donations supplied by corporations for Chalk One Up support the yearlong activities of ArtStreet and Sidewalk Sam in Boston's neighborhoods. Please visit our website: and get involved in other ArtStreet activities throughout the year.

Chalk One Up - now in its tenth year - is sponsored by State Street Corporation, Cabot Corporation, Bank of America and many other wonderful Boston corporations. In cooperation with the City of Boston and Mayor Tom Menino, the festival provides a special way to let Boston companies, nonprofit organizations, schools and neighborhood groups come together and show their spirit.

Chalk One Up For Boston is an official City of Boston festival, a lunchtime corporate event and a community arts celebration all rolled into one. Join Art Street and the City of Boston, show off your company's spirit and express your pride in Boston's rich cultural diversity!






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