FallFire Arts Festival 2006

ArtStreet will ignite a fire at a festival that will highlight the power of Boston's arts communities, college students and cultural organizations to celebrate Creativity, Community and the beginning of the New Season of Spirit on the Fenway across from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Leave the role of "spectator" at home for the FallFire festival. This day/night festival, is a participatory experience at which festival-goers dress up, take part in spontaneous artworks, dance, sing, get involved in creative events, wear masks and costumes, float sculptures in the river, paint their faces and bodies and take part in creative activities.

In essence, FallFire is a spontaneous event- a creative act in which people become the center of the festival - like Mardi Gras. FallFire will provide the atmosphere and the opportunity for everyone to show off their creativity. "We want to show everyone off," says Sidewalk Sam, one of the directors of the event. "If someone has an artwork, an act or a performance we will help them show it off it and we will provide a wonderful audience. Mainly, FallFire is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate, rejoice, network and be inspired by creative organizations and people. FallFire has gathered an incredible network of creative people with a lot of expressive power, and we want them to give it to society."

For FallFire, think outside the box. Everyone is encouraged to show off, act up and flaunt themselves – to find a way to reveal your creativity. Any businesses that underwrite the festival will have their business' name incorporated into an artwork at the event. Art Street encourages businesses to send out their employees to create artworks for their companies – like creating a big sculpture using their product, or painting a weather balloon designed with their name on it. If businesses want to donate products to the event, FallFire will use the products in a creative way - creating a shoe artwork for a shoestore, or creating "art cars" from a rent-a-car company and so forth. "Whatever the product, whichever the company, there is a creative way to bring art and business together, and FallFire wants to encourage that kind of interaction."

Sidewalk Sam is the spirit behind FallFire. Over the past 38 years, acting as a solitary folk artist, Sidewalk Sam has painted copies of masterpiece paintings on the sidewalks of Boston in the midst of pedestrian traffic. He is Boston's "Pavement Picasso", featured on the "Today Show", "Good Morning America", "Evening Magazine" and in hundreds of newspaper articles from coast to coast.

"Sidewalk," as friends and strangers affectionately call him, envisioned FallFire - a celebration that will begin this fall, and grow more beautiful every year. "Creativity is everywhere", he says. "Everyone is creative! Let everyone turn their creativity loose, flaunt themselves and bring a new, joyful, positive spirit to Boston!"

This year FallFire is a seedling of a festival, without finances or tradition, but with a lot of confidence and many enthusiastic friends. FallFire will show Boston what it is capable of and it will grow each year into a major festival on the east coast like the Burning Man festival on the westcoast. "By combining everyone's creative spirit, and being spontaneous and adventurous, FallFire will cross boundaries that separate "art" and "spectator". Everyone is invited to paint their faces and bodies, wear disguises, wear outlandish clothes, and show off."

From noon until 9:30 PM the Fenway will come alive with art, music,dance, poetry, and creative events.  Performance groups will be scheduled all day.  Many cultural organizations in Massachusetts will add their creativity to FallFire and present performances. The festival will culminate in a sculpture, which will be floated on a barge in the lagoon and set afire at dusk.  An "Art Wall" will let everyone make a statement, sidewalk chalk will be available for everyone to create drawings on the paths, and face and body painting will be going on throughout the event. 

FallFire will be spontaneous; just the fact of not knowing what to expect will engage the crowds.  However, groups that submit ideas For performances and bands that need to set up equipment and utilize stages will have scheduled time slots in which to perform. There performance times will be posted and updated on the FallFire website as the event develops, and a booth at the event will make announcements with times and other information about performances.This information booth will be located at the central of the festival. Artists and organizations that participate can leave business cards or flyers there, available to everyone. 

Any artists or performers wanting to submit their work should contact the FallFire team, click here to fill out our interest form so that you may become a part of the event and be listed on our website.

"On returning to Boston, it's wonderful to let lose, act out, wear costumes, dance, sing and play", Sidewalk Sam says. "FallFire is a unique opportunity for Boston to come together, celebrate its diversity, support the arts, and take part in a festival that will inspire a new spirit of creativity in New England!" 

Join us! Wear a mask, hat or costume, bring a drum, bring an artwork, paint your body, or take part in spontaneous performances. "Be the Art you want to be."


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